Malta dice sì ai matrimoni gay, a dispetto della Chiesa Cattolica

Malta dice sì ai matrimoni gay, a dispetto della Chiesa Cattolica

Il fatto che su 67 membri solo un parlamentare si sia opposto per la sua fede cattolica, dovrebbe farci riflettere tanto: stiamo vivendo in una società che ha completamente buttato nel dimenticatoio i comandamenti di Dio, anzi non esistono più, per molti.

L’uomo ha scritto dei nuovi comandamenti che vanno contro la morale, etica, cristiana e sociale.

Rita Sberna

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  1. Although the Roman Catholic religion is enshrined in the Maltese Constitution it’s position is meaningless as several laws have been enacted which go against the teachings of the Church mainly when acts of adultery and homosexuality in private were decriminalised in 1973. The new marriage act in 1975 where civil marriage was introduced and annullments by the state were introduced as well.
    Earlier contraceptives became legalised but everyone knew they were available from many bars. In 1980 even family planning clinics were introduced , but were removed when the PN (Conservative) came to power in 1987.
    In 1995 Church annullments could not be challenged in a civil court but the law was repealed in 2015. In fact many were against the 1995 Law , but the number of civil annullments continued to grow.
    In 2011 after a referendum divorce was introduced and the result was 53% in favour and no less than 12 MPs from the PN voted in favour.
    Following a change of government in 2013 the PL government led by Dr Joseph Muscat in 2015 introduced the civil union , a marriage in all but name but during the 2017 electoral campaign even the PN led by Dr Simon Busuttil ,the first completely lay person to lead the party also promised gay marriage and only a single PN MP voted against.

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